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New Website with Passion!


The passion we have at BUZZ Coffee for our full range of coffees, teas and equipment continues to evolve every day. We have been working on this new website for some time, we needed to ensure we have the safest web site for you and all your details, and now we have it.

Andrew from Purple Jalapeno and I have consumed numerous pots of tea and coffee along the way. This really has been a big job.

Now comes the time it is opened to the world! It is very exciting. I love the feel of the site and can only hope you can guide your way around easily. I do value your feedback, as always.

We continue to provide you with a huge range of freshly roasted coffees and teas. We will continue to develop these products for you. The equipment area will also highlight products we believe in, both for the domestic and professional markets.

All of our single origins coffees will be roasted on Mondays and despatched on Wednesdays to ensure freshness. All our tea lines will be despatched the day after ordering. We will continue to enjoy every moment of our day!



INDIAN Elk Hill Estate

For over a century coffee has been grown on the Elk Hill Estate in Southern India. From the beginning it has been grown under trees using sustainable farming practices. Coffee production meets strict environmental, social and economic criteria. The silver oaks and rosewood trees create a wonderful growing medium for the coffee trees.The coffee reflects [...]

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