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Brazil Cerrado NY2 Natural Coffee Beans

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BRAZIL Cerrado NY2 NATURAL Coffee Beans.  Remember that famous advertising jingle, "there's an awful lot of coffee in Brazil" Indeed there is as it is the world's largest coffee bean producer growing on average 30% of the world's crop.

Are you looking for the best Brazilian Coffee Beans?  I thought so. 

This coffee tend to be low in acidity, smooth in body with sweet flavours. The flavours are primarily chocolatey and nutty. 

Grab a bag and enjoy in your favourite drinking style. 

Where is it from?


The Cerrado, (Spanish/archaic Portuguese for “closed”) is a vast tropical savanna eco-region of Brazil, particularly in the states of Goiás and Minas Gerais. The cerrado biome core areas are the plateaus in the centre of Brazil.

The main habitat types of the Cerrado include: forest savanna, wooded savanna, park savanna and gramineous-woody savanna. Savanna wetlands and gallery forests are also included.

The second largest of Brazil's major habitat types, after The Amazonia, the Cerrado accounts for a full 21 percent of the country's land area (extending marginally into Paraguay and Bolivia). 

Brazil Cerrado 100% Arabica - Natural 17/18 Screen Fresh Coffee ...

Farm History Located in Patrocínio city, in Cerrado de Minas Region, in a volcanic soil area, which brings very exotic flavour characteristics. By diversifying varieties, the goal to find better tastes with different flavours comes because of climate and soil in floral, citric, fruity and chocolatey. 

Processing System The two types of processing in the farm: natural and pulped natural. Most of the harvesting is made mechanically, as right after the washing, separating the greens and ripe cherries is what gives a more uniform drying.

Sun drying slowly is the only way to allow the coffee to preserve the best characteristics. After dried, all of the lots are rested separately according to their respective qualities. 

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  • Acidity:Low to Medium.
  • Body:Rich &smooth, creamy.
  • Aroma:Nuts, cocoa and more nuts
  • Flavour:Sweet hazelnut, vanilla pods, honey, toffee with a delightfully creamy finish.