Coffee Brewer - The Handy Brew Coffee and Tea Maker


Coffee Brewer - The Handy Brew Coffee and Tea Maker


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The Handy Brew

Are you looking for a simple fool-proof method of making coffee and tea? Something you can use anywhere. At home, the office, on holidays? Anywhere?

If you get confused by all the many ways of making tea or coffee, then The HandyBrew is what you need.

You will also receive a FREE 100g bag of BUZZ Coffee with your order!

The HandyBrew Coffee and Tea Brewer is a multi-purpose brewer that immerses your coffee grounds or tea leaves in up to 500ml of hot water, creating a full-bodied and richly flavourful cup of your favourite beverages.

We have sold over 1000 of these at last count, and we have never had a return or a complaint.

The HandyBrew uses the direct immersion method of brewing. This allows all the flavour and aroma to develop to your taste.

It is as easy as putting the kettle on, adding your preferred dose of tea or coffee to the HandyBrew, and pouring the water over it. Stir it and let it rest.

Get your cup or mug and sit the HandyBrew on top. When you do, the exclusive "shut-off" system will dispense your beverage into your cup. Simply lift the HandyBrew, and the flow will stop. 

No paper filters! Nothing extra to worry about! Did I mention how easy it is??

After you have enjoyed you BUZZ Coffee or BUZZ Tea, rinse The HandyBrew under a tap. 


  1. Your HandyBrew uses the “Immersion” System of Brewing Coffee and Tea. This produces a full, rich flavour.
  2. Your HandyBrew uses “Gravity” Filtering. When you put it on your mug or carafe this caused the brewed drink to fall, without coffee grounds or tea leaves.
  3. Your HandyBrew features a permanent “double” filter. It will last your entire lifetime.
  4. Your HandyBrew needs NO paper filters, ever…

Durable Tritan Build - Made with super durable and food safe Tritan plastic.

The Specifics
  • Materials: BPA-Free Eastman Tritan Plastic, Stainless Steel
  • Dimensions:  16.5cm(H) x 15.9cm (W) x 10.2cm Base Diameter
  • Capacity: 500ml


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