Brazil Cerrado NY2 Natural

Brazil Cerrado NY2 Natural

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  • Acidity:Low to Medium.
  • Body:Rich &smooth, creamy.
  • Aroma:Nuts, cocoa and more nuts
  • Flavour:Sweet hazelnut, vanilla pods, honey, toffee with a delightfully creamy finish.

BRAZIL Cerrado NY2 NATURAL Brazil is not only the world's largest coffee producer, it is also the most complex. It turns out everything from mass produced coffees that rank among the world's cheapest to elegant coffees prized as the world's finest origins for espresso brewing. 

In Brazil, fruit is removed from the bean using four different processing methods, and it is not uncommon for all four methods to be used on the same farm during the same harvest. The Cerrado, (Spanish/archaic Portuguese for “closed”) is a vast tropical savanna ecoregion of Brazil, particularly in the states of Goiás and Minas Gerais. The cerrado biome core areas are the plateaus in the centre of Brazil. The main habitat types of the Cerrado include: forest savanna, wooded savanna, park savanna and gramineous-woody savanna. Savanna wetlands and gallery forests are also included. The second largest of Brazil's major habitat types, after The Amazonia, the cerrado accounts for a full 21 percent of the country's land area (extending marginally into Paraguay and Bolivia). 

 Farm History Located in Patrocínio city, in Cerrado de Minas Region, in a volcanic soil area, which brings very exotic flavour characteristics. By diversifying varieties, the goal to find better tastes with different flavours comes because of climate and soil in floral, citric, fruity and chocolaty. They constantly are searching for a quality increase on the farm structures. Also agronomical, putting together technology and nature care, working to achieve quality but always respecting social and labour laws. Processing System The two types of processing in our farm: natural and pulped natural. Most of the harvesting is made mechanically, as right after the washing, separating the greens and ripe cherries is what gives a more uniform drying. Sun drying slowly is the only way to allow the coffee to preserve the best characteristics. After dried, all of the lots are rested separately according to their respective qualities. 

Quality Facts

Quality is without doubt our main focus, because we are producing specialty coffees for 11 years and always improving our techniques. We search to give our employees’ specific trainings to always give the opportunity to produce the highest quality coffees. I is a coffee that is sweet and thick through the mid-tones, with a hint of roasted ground nut and a toffee finish. BUZZ Coffee now sells its entire range of specialty blends and single origin coffee online. Buy some BUZZ BRAZIL Cerrado NY2 NATURAL coffee beans online today.