Indonesian Mandheling Kuda Mas

Indonesian Mandheling Kuda Mas

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  • Acidity:Low to medium
  • Body:Bold intensity.
  • Aroma:Roast caramel, spiced fruit.
  • Flavour:Intense, earthy, forest berries and smooth.

Indonesian Mandheling Kuda Mas Sumatran coffees are famous for their peculiar flavour profile, low acidity, thick body, and rustic flavours often be described as earthy. Much of the flavour comes from the way Sumatras are processed, the wet-hull method , not to be confused with wet-processed coffee.

Indonesian Mandheling Kuda Mas coffee is nearly always processed by the wet-hull method. Wet-hulled coffee is called Giling Basah in Bahasa language.

Most coffee in Indonesia is grown on small-holder farms, a family with anywhere between 100 trees to a few hectares of land. They pick the coffee and pulp it, which means that they run it through a hand-crank drum with a surface like a cheese grater that peels off the skin of the fruit.

Then they will ferment the coffee in any number of ways - either in a polypropylene bag, a plastic tub, or a concrete tank - to get the fruit layer (mucilage) to break down. After overnight fermentation, the mucilage can be washed off, and you have wet parchment coffee - the green bean inside the parchment layer that encompasses it, still swollen with water.

This is one of the best of the best Sumatran coffees, definitely one of the world’s top beans. This should rate for all coffee lovers as one of the top 10. Perfect qualities abound and it has real cup presence.

It is best as a single origin but will blend with other coffee beans. The flavour lingers of cedar, pepper spice, roast caramel and spiced fruit. The mouth feel is full buttery with a syrupy richness.

This is a coffee for those who love their coffee rich, strong and very full-bodied.

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