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Irish Breakfast Tea

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Irish Breakfast Tea  Our Irish breakfast has the strong, malty flavour so desired. It is a high percentage of Ceylon FBOP blended with Pekoe BOP fine leaf tea.

If you have been to Ireland you will know the depth of flavour the Irish want in their morning cup! The Irish Breakfast is a table full of bacon, eggs, white pudding, beans, leftovers, toast...and big, strong cups of Irish Breakfast Tea.

In Sri Lanka tea is produced by the time tested orthodox manufacturing process. This results in a variety of leaf sizes being produced, which are sorted into different styles by sifting. Consequently, these ranges from the large leafy teas such as Orange Pekoe down to semi leafy types such as Flowery Pekoes and the standard BOP, BOP Fanning and Dust grades.
Ceylon (Sri Lankan) FBOP is a Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe Tea. It is a semi leaf with some tip. The Ceylon Pekoe BOP is a well twisted semi leaf tea generally from the low country and has a malty taste.
Combine these two teas together and you have our BUZZ Irish Breakfast Tea. Strong enough to make an Irish person cry for home!
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