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Finding the best coffee beans on-line from Tanzania is now easy, you found them! What a spectacular coffee this is. Coffee is Tanzania's biggest export, and, it is very important that it be very, very good. 


This coffee comes from one of the nine (9) growing regions in the country, North Kilamanjaro.

Japan was one of the first countries to appreciate coffee from Tanzania, and to this day, it is very widely enjoyed. Thankfully, we have it now as well. 

The highest grades of coffee are grown on Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru. These coffees are sold under the name Arusha, Moshi, and Kilimanjaro.

This shade-grown varietal produces an exceptional cup of distinct African characteristics being very bright and very aggressive in flavour.

Similar to a good Kenyan, but the bold sweet berry fruits set this Tanzanian apart.

This coffee is wet processed, the way of most speciality coffee world wide.

As I had my first cup of this coffee, I was first attracted to its golden hue. A really "beautiful" coffee.

Acidity: Fine 

Body: Bold and syrupy

Aroma: Dark chocolate with sweet fruit.

Flavour: Roasted hazelnut and berry.