Strong Coffee Bean Blend
BUZZ Coffee Beans BUZZ Strong Blend Coffee Beans
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Strong Blend Coffee Beans Our BUZZ STRONG BLEND answers all these questions: Do you look for a big flavour in your coffee? Do you always ask for a "double shot" when you order coffee? Do you like to add a little "extra" coffee at home or work for that "kick"? It is not bitter, it is about FLAVOUR. The flavour you want to enjoy when you drink your coffee. The Strong Blend was developed by BUZZ Coffee Beans  for people who want a consistent strong flavour in their cup.  This blend of coffee beans from Colombia, Ethiopia, India and Costa Rica is distinct. The aroma will entice you, the flavour will support your taste.  A blend from four distinct and different regions of the world. All four have their own unique taste but when BUZZ married them together, the result is a big full "strong" flavour!   Our BUZZ Strong Blend loves to be an espresso and also enjoys the company of milk. We often drink it from our plunger, our coffee syphon and also from a Hario Pour Over, but the Espresso machine really makes it sing. BUZZ Coffee now sells its entire range of specialty blends and single origin coffee online. Buy some BUZZ Strong Blend coffee beans online today.
mexico coffee beans
BUZZ Coffee Beans Mexico Coffee
from $15.00
Mexican coffee beans, Ay Caramba!! Our BUZZ Mexican Chiapas SHG Organic is a mild coffee with sweet notes of ginger, pear with a clean, nutty finish.  These high grown coffee beans are noted for their complex, citrusy acidity against a balanced chocolate-toffee sweetness. Indeed a superb cup of coffee.   The Region  The first aroma of coffee in Mexico was in the late 1700s. Cultivation proved successful and has grown to a very substantial industry for Mexico. Over 500,000 farmers  have turned coffee into the industry it is today. Best of all, Mexico is one of the world's largest producers of Organic coffee.  The Mexican diverse topography has developed this amazing coffee to grow. Chiapas shares the same range of mountains with Guatamala and its stunning Huehuetenango which is also available form BUZZ.  Nestled on the Guatemalan border, you’ll find the state’s best coffees growing between 1,300 and 1,700 m.a.s.l. Chiapas also holds the crown for producing the most coffee in Mexico, at 40% of the country’s total yield. Many indigenous Mexicans call Chiapas home, but it’s also the country’s poorest state, with a GDP per capita of US $7,249 in 2016.  Mexico grows mostly shade-grown Arabica coffee, with Robusta making up only 3–4% of the country’s crops. 35% of Mexico’s coffee is grown at 900 m.a.s.l., conditions that – in Mexico’s relatively cooler climate – are favourable for higher-quality coffees.  Grab a bag of Mexican Coffee and you will be very happy.  All our BUZZ Coffees are available on-line.   Region: Chiapas Region Type: Arabica Varietals: Catimor Altitude: 200 - 1200 MASL Roast: Medium Tasting Notes: Gingery, sweet, nutty
brazil coffee beans
BUZZ Coffee Beans Brazil Coffee
from $15.00
BRAZIL Cerrado Bom Jardin Coffee Beans  Remember that famous advertising jingle, “there’s an awful lot of coffee in Brazil” Indeed there is as it is the world’s largest coffee bean producer growing on average 30% of the world’s crop. Are you looking for the best Brazilian Coffee Beans? I thought so. The best Brazilian coffees have relatively low acidity and exhibit a nutty, sweet flavour, often bittersweet with a chocolaty roast taste. Most unroasted Brazilian green coffee is dry processed (unwashed; natural).  The most favourable quality of a Brazilian coffee is its price - but after that, the mildness helps to balance out more intense coffee beans, making it a feature of many blends. Grab a bag and enjoy your favourite drinking style. Where is it from? The Queiroz family had been farming coffee in the region long before Cerrado Mineiro became noted for the quality of its beans. In reality, Roberto's father was one of the Cerrado's original three coffee producers, and the family has spent the previous 50 years perfecting procedures that result in an amazing assortment of speciality coffees. Bom Jardim Estate is a 360-hectare estate located near the city of Patrocnio, 950 metres above sea level, with a large lake and a variety of wild creatures such as monkeys and siriemas. [a bird that looks like a crane]The farm is well-organized, with a production line that works in harmony with the environment by employing technologies that reduce effect and allow for more flexibility.Buy some BUZZ BRAZIL Cerrado Bom Jardim coffee beans online today and have them delivered to your door.   Acidity: Low to Medium. Body: Rich &smooth, creamy. Aroma: Nuts, cocoa and more nuts Flavour: Juicy, delicate, lovely chocolate notes  
Disk Fine Coffee Filter for AeroPress® Disk Fine Coffee Filter for AeroPress®
BUZZ Coffee Beans Disk Fine Coffee Filter for AeroPress®
Do you already have an  AeroPress® Are you considering purchasing one? You can negate the need for paper filters for your AeroPress® with this brilliant Disk Fine Filter from Able. It is manufactured with reusable stainless steel and will last a lifetime. It will allow more oils and a fuller bodied cup of coffee, plus eliminate the need for paper filters forever. This teams perfectly with the AeroPress® and the Rhino hand grinder to make your coffee experience totally BUZZ!
Best coffee beans
BUZZ Coffee Beans Sample Coffee Pack
Usually when you are looking to buy coffee beans you are drawn to those you know and have enjoyed. As a coffee lover, you will have times when you would like to try something new, something different. The idea of the Sample Coffee Pack is to allow you to try four (4) new coffees. Four BUZZ Coffees to explore. The pack will include one (1) Blend and three (3) Single Origin Coffees. I will make them very different to ensure you can discover a range of new coffees. For example you could receive one (1) of our BUZZ Blends, a South American Coffee, an African Coffee, a Central American or an Asian Coffee. These coffees will showcase the region they are from. The BUZZ Sample Pack will also make a perfect gift for the coffee lover in your life or family.
Coffee Brewer - The Handy Brew Coffee and Tea Maker
BUZZ Coffee Beans Coffee Brewer - The Handy Brew Coffee and Tea Maker
The Handy Brew Are you looking for a simple fool-proof method of making coffee and tea? Something you can use anywhere. At home, the office, on holidays? Anywhere? If you get confused by all the many ways of making tea or coffee, then The HandyBrew is what you need. You will also receive a FREE 250g bag of BUZZ Coffee with your order! The HandyBrew Coffee and Tea Brewer is a multi-purpose brewer that immerses your coffee grounds or tea leaves in up to 500ml of hot water, creating a full-bodied and richly flavourful cup of your favourite beverages. We have sold over 1000 of these at last count, and we have never had a return or a complaint. The HandyBrew uses the direct immersion method of brewing. This allows all the flavour and aroma to develop to your taste. It is as easy as putting the kettle on, adding your preferred dose of tea or coffee to the HandyBrew, and pouring the water over it. Stir it and let it rest. Get your cup or mug and sit the HandyBrew on top. When you do, the exclusive "shut-off" system will dispense your beverage into your cup. Simply lift the HandyBrew, and the flow will stop.  No paper filters! Nothing extra to worry about! Did I mention how easy it is?? After you have enjoyed you BUZZ Coffee or BUZZ Tea, rinse The HandyBrew under a tap.  Features: Your HandyBrew uses the “Immersion” System of Brewing Coffee and Tea. This produces a full, rich flavour. Your HandyBrew uses “Gravity” Filtering. When you put it on your mug or carafe this caused the brewed drink to fall, without coffee grounds or tea leaves. Your HandyBrew features a permanent “double” filter. It will last your entire lifetime. Your HandyBrew needs NO paper filters, ever… Durable Tritan Build - Made with super durable and food safe Tritan plastic. The Specifics Materials: BPA-Free Eastman Tritan Plastic, Stainless Steel Dimensions:  16.5cm(H) x 15.9cm (W) x 10.2cm Base Diameter Capacity: 500ml   
Rhino Grinder Coffee Grinder - Tall Rhino Hand
BUZZ Coffee Beans Coffee Grinder - Tall Rhino Hand
The Rhino Coffee Gear Hand Grinder This is a great solution for grinding BUZZ coffee on-the-go; for travel, work, or even just at home.  With a smooth grinding motion, quality materials, and a convenient 42 gram capacity, the Rhino Hand Grinder is a perfect choice for manually grinding your favourite BUZZ coffee beans. You will receive a FREE 250g bag of BUZZ Coffee Beans with your order! Features:  - Quality stainless steel housing which makes cleaning easier and reduces static- Tested and certified as food safe by an independent laboratory providing peace of mind- Conical ceramic burrs which stay sharp longer, don't rust and are easier to clean- A simple adjustment method for a range of grind types- Ample capacity - can hold up to 42 grams of coffee beans- A convenient and protective carry bag- Smooth grinding motion- Superior particle size distribution A couple helpful hints for adjusting the appropriate grind:   - For grind to suit Aeropress, tighten nut all the way, then ease off half a turn - For French Press, ease off 1.5 turns - For a v60, tighten the burrs all the way, and then go half a turn back.  Some further adjustment may be required from there depending on the specific beans used.  Suggested ratio is 60g/litre.  - For a moka pot, which is somewhere between drip and espresso, adjust your grind to the finest level (adjust so that the burrs are touching) then open up a notch or two. Cleaning:  - It's best to pull the grinder apart and give it a clean every 4 weeks or more often if you are using darker more oily roasts. - Just use warm, soapy water and an old toothbrush to remove all residual coffee. - Make sure to rinse with fresh water when finished and allow the parts to fully dry before re-assembling.

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