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Costa Rica Coffee Costa Rica Coffee BEans
BUZZ Coffee Beans Costa Rica Coffee from $13.50
Costa Rica Rainforest Alliance SHB EP Tarrazu Coffee Beans Costa Rican coffee is among the absolute best in the world with healthy, well balanced, and delicious flavours with superb aroma.  The best thing about this coffee? Moorish. I will have another, please. It is especially good with milk.  The Region.  Tarrazu is the marquis region of Costa Rica noted for its soils and highest altitudes.  SHB stands for Strictly Hard Beans which is synonymous with "strictly high grown" (SHG). It usually refers to coffee grown over 4,500' above sea level—beans are grown at this altitude mature more slowly and grow harder and denser resulting in more flavour.  The inherent consistency and taste attributes of SHG make them more desirable and more expensive.  EP stands for European Preparation which means imperfect beans, pebbles and other foreign matter are removed by hand.  The Rainforest Alliance is a non-governmental organization with the published aims of conserving biodiversity and ensuring sustainable livelihoods by transforming land-use practices, business practices and consumer behaviour.  Costa Rican coffee beans are considered among the best in the world.  Costa Rica Rainforest Alliance SHB EP Tarrazu is one of the best coffee beans in Costa Rica.  Acidity: High and bright Body: Velvety smooth Aroma: Stone fruit, honey, treacle Flavour: Honey, prunes and berries - intense sweetness with balanced acids  
Colombian Coffee Beans Colombian Coffee Beans
BUZZ Coffee Beans Colombian Coffee Beans from $13.50
Colombian Huila Excelso Lolo EP Coffee Beans This is a stunning Colombian Coffee...one which highlights the supreme qualities of Colombian Coffees.  Colombian Coffee Beans are specialty coffee at its best. This coffee begins with a room-filling chocolate aroma to die for.  This Colombian coffee finishes sweet and clean, rounding out a genuinely great cup. If you have not tried a Colombian coffee from Huíla, we highly recommend that you try this treat! The notes of cherry and chocolate combine wonderfully with a caramel-toned sweetness to make this rich, flavour profile.  Excelso is a coffee grading term in Colombia that is an approximate bean grade 16, 16/64" diameter. Excelso coffee beans deliver exceptional flavours and to be honest, I think Excelso's offer for more ZING in the cup with sharper acidity that cuts through milk a lot better. EP stands for European Preparation which describes coffees from which imperfect beans, pebbles and other foreign matter have been removed by hand.  The Region.  Huila is in the south-eastern part of Colombia. This region is characterized by its fertile valleys and snow-capped volcanoes that have enriched its soils with volcanic ashes for millions of years.  Huila's coffee, which results in the work of more than 70 thousand coffee-growing families, is known for having an exquisite and consistent, balanced taste and aroma.  Colombia's Famous Trademark.  Colombian coffee is often regarded as some of the highest quality coffee in the world. Colombia has traditionally grown arabica beans, and its unique geography makes it perfectly suited for producing a delicious, high-quality brew.  Buy some BUZZ Colombian Huila Excelso Lolo EP coffee beans online today.   Acidity: Low  Body: Rich, bold and syrupy Aroma: Cocoa, dark cherry Flavour: Initial notes of dark cherry following with caramel and a long chocolate finish.  
Brazilian Coffee - coffee Brazil Coffee Beans
BUZZ Coffee Beans Brazilian Coffee from $13.50
BRAZIL Cerrado NY2 NATURAL Coffee Beans  Remember that famous advertising jingle, “there’s an awful lot of coffee in Brazil” Indeed there is as it is the world’s largest coffee bean producer growing on average 30% of the world’s crop. Are you looking for the best Brazilian Coffee Beans? I thought so. The best Brazilian coffees have relatively low acidity and exhibit a nutty, sweet flavour, often bittersweet with a chocolaty roast taste. Most unroasted Brazilian green coffee is dry processed (unwashed; natural).  The most favourable quality of a Brazilian coffee is its price - but after that, the mildness helps to balance out more intense coffee beans, making it a feature of many blends. Grab a bag and enjoy your favourite drinking style. Where is it from? The Cerrado, (Spanish/archaic Portuguese for “closed”) is a vast tropical savanna ecoregion of Brazil, mainly in Goiás and Minas Gerais. The cerrado biome areas are the plateaus in the centre of Brazil. The main habitat types of the Cerrado include forest savanna, wooded savanna, parksavanna and gramineous-woody savanna. Savanna wetlands and gallery forests are also included. The second largest of Brazil’s major habitat types, after The Amazonia, the Cerradoaccounts for a full 21 percent of the country’s land area (extending marginally into Paraguayand Bolivia).Buy some BUZZ BRAZIL Cerrado NY2 NATURAL coffee beans online today and have them delivered to your door.   Acidity: Low to Medium. Body: Rich &smooth, creamy. Aroma: Nuts, cocoa and more nuts Flavour: Sweet hazelnut, vanilla pods, honey, toffee with a delightfully creamy finish.    
Guatemala Coffee Guatamalan Coffee Beans
BUZZ Coffee Beans Guatemala Coffee from $13.50
Guatemalan Antigua Acate Estate SHB Coffee Beans  The SHB refers to "Strictly Hard Bean" which are coffee beans grown over 4,500 feet, this allows the beans to mature slower and develop better flavour. Perfect. We love the coffee flavour! This coffee is intense and fragrant. A strong flavour that is balanced and has a long, chocolate finish in the mouth. One of my personal favourites. I love it as a filter coffee and prefer to let it cool in the cup.  The Region There are eight different coffee growing regions in Guatemala. Our BUZZ comes from the Acate Estate in Antigua. Antigua Coffee® Rich volcanic soil, low humidity, lots of sun, and cool nights characterise the Antigua Coffee region.  The region produces some of the finest coffees in the country. The coffee is grown in the shade at 5,000 to 5,700 feet above sea level and collectively wet-milled and sun-dried by hand.  This valley is surrounded by three volcanoes: Agua, Fuego, and Acatenango. Occasionally, Fuego—one of Guatemala's three active volcanoes—adds a fresh dusting of mineral-rich ash to Antigua's soil.  Volcanic pumice in the soil retains moisture, which helps offset Antigua's low rainfall. In Antigua, shade is incredibly dense to protect the coffee plants from the region's occasional frost.  The rich volcanic soil and rainforest conditions produce a well-balanced Arabica coffee with a smooth finish.  Coffee has helped fuel Guatemala's economy for over a century. Today, an estimated 125,000 coffee manufacturers drive Guatemala's coffee market and coffee stays one of Guatemala's main export products, representing 40% of all farming export earnings.  Today, coffee is expanded in 20 of Guatemala's 22 regions, with around 270,000 hectares planted under coffee, mostly all of which (98%) is shade-grown. The country's production is practically exclusively Arabica and is most generally prepared using the washed method. However, all-natural and numerous semi-washed approaches are obtaining in popularity.    BUZZ Coffee now sells its entire range of specialty blends and single origin coffee online. Buy some BUZZ coffee beans online today. Acidity: Medium. Body: Rich and full. Aroma: Highly fragrent. Flavour: Bitter chocolate and spices. Elegant and refined with incredible complexity and balance.

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