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Our Story

In Sept 2003 we opened our first Café BUZZ. Our plan: to showcase coffee from around the
world to coffee lovers.

At this time Café Culture had not developed. It was very fertile ground as we were a nation of
instant coffee lovers. As lifelong coffee lovers from travelling the world, we were looking for
similar people.

The first goal was getting into business with a coffee roaster. There were few. We met up with
Andrew Gross, a master roaster and coffee fanatic from birth, and set about developing the business of selling coffee.

Our Café opened. A region that now has over 100 coffee outlets, had 3. The aroma from the
Café wafted through the CBD and soon people were lining to drink coffee and buy coffee beans.

Our plan from the start was to retail coffee beans from around the world. We began with our
House Blend, Decaff and single origin beans from Colombia, Honduras, Ethiopia, and Kenya.

Over the years we have sold coffee from every coffee growing region on earth.

We continue to specialise in Single Origin Coffees, Estate Coffees and unique coffee bean micro
lots that come our way. We search, we find, we buy, we roast. What a way to spend our time!

Our business took the natural turn into loose leaf tea. We serve our loose-leaf teas in fine bone
china. No teabags, no mugs! We have built a strong relationship with our ethical tea supplier and
our range includes the classic black teas, green teas and herbal teas plus special offers from
time to time.

BUZZ Coffee remains a small family run business situated on the mid north coast of NSW, about
5 minutes from the sand and surf. We are small enough to care about every order, large enough
to handle every order quickly.

We are still small batch roasters and continue to look for new stunning coffee beans and loose-
leaf teas for your enjoyment.