Earl Grey Premium Tea

Earl Grey Premium Tea

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Earl Grey Premium Tea. Traditionally, Earl Grey is a blend of black China teas treated with natural oils of the Bergamot citrus fruit.

This gives the tea a distinctive perfumed aroma and flavour.

Legend has it that the tea was created in honour of Prime Minister, Charles Grey. He had helped rescue the drowning son of a Chinese Mandarin while on a diplomatic mission.  

Earl Grey gets it's unique, citrus flavour from the addition of oil extract from bergamot fruit - a relation of the orange. Bergamot are indigenous to South East Asia and are also grown in Italy as a commercial crop.

Our BUZZ Earl Grey Premium is a top grade large leaf infused with bergamot flavour from Nuwara-Eliya, Sri Lanka.

Nuwara-Eliya is often referred to as ‘Little England’. A well-tended golf course morphs seamlessly into a rolling carpet of tea plantations. 


In earlier times, Nuwara Eliya (meaning ‘City of Light’) was the favoured cool-climate escape for the English and Scottish pioneers of Sri Lanka’s tea industry.

A rainy-day, misty-mountain atmosphere still blankets the town from November to February. During April’s spring release, the town is crowded with domestic holiday-makers enjoying horse racing and sports-car hill climbs and celebrating the Sri Lankan New Year.

The economy is based on tea, cool-climate vegetables, and even more tea. 


BUZZ Earl Grey Premium Ceylon black tea: classically scented with natural BERGAMOT oil giving a mild, smooth, refreshing, flowery taste.

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