Our Story

Welcome to BUZZ Coffee and Tea.

We have been part of this huge world-wide industry since 2003. Our founders are Harry and Vicki Brady. Our goal was to provide coffee lovers with a comprehensive choice of fresh roasted coffee and loose leaf tea.

Our two sons, Rogan and Jazz grew up in the business, both have gone to successful careers on their own. Both were invaluable helping in the family business earning pocket money bagging coffee.

Early on we resolved our supply chain of coffee and tea and to this day we continue with our partners.

The BUZZ grew to running 5 Cafes, supplying wholesale coffee and tea as well as continually developing our on-line business.

We will continue to obtain the best coffee and tea we can, while maintaining a very consumer friendly price.

You can find us on Facebook and Instagram and we now write blogs for your interest.

Our environment footprint is regularly checked to help look after our mother earth.

Enjoy and share the BUZZ!!