The art of roasting green coffee beans is honed through years of practice, a skill that BUZZ Coffee has mastered over its 20 years of operation.

Coffee Beans from light roast to dark roast.

In a previous blog post, we explored the sensory experience of "Smell the Coffee." Now, let's delve deeper into the visual aspect of coffee beans.

Understanding the Four Types of Coffee Roasts:

  1. Light Coffee Roasts:

    • Roasted for the shortest duration, reaching temperatures of 356°F – 401°F.
    • Light roasts retain high caffeine content and acidity, often accompanied by citrus tones.
  2. Medium Coffee Roasts:

    • Roasted to temperatures of 410°F-428°F, just after the first crack.
    • Medium roasts offer balanced flavours, with moderate body and acidity.
  3. Medium-Dark Coffee Roasts:

    • Reaching temperatures of 437°F – 446°F, during or after the second crack.
    • Medium-dark roasts boast richer flavours, a fuller body, and reduced acidity.
  4. Dark Coffee Roasts:

    • Roasted at temperatures between 464°F – 482°F, with visible oils on the surface.
    • Dark roasts exhibit sweet flavours, buttery finishes, and minimal acidity, with the least caffeine content.

The Roasting Process Unveiled:

  • Initially green and odorless, coffee beans transform during roasting.
  • Roasting darkens the beans, imparting chocolatey, caramelized flavours.
  • At temperatures above 401°F, beans crack, expanding and releasing oils.
  • Quality beans are never roasted beyond 482°F to avoid a burnt taste.

In summary, the roasting process is a transformative journey from green, earthy beans to aromatic, flavourful coffee. At BUZZ Coffee, we masterfully roast our beans to perfection, ensuring a delightful cup with every brew.