BUZZ Coffee

BUZZ Coffee

Welcome to BUZZ Coffee!

Coffee first washed my palate when I was in my late teens. The discovery of "Instant coffee" began a journey that continues.

Over time I discovered "Cafes" in Darlinghurst and began drinking cappuccinos. To me it was when the instant coffee went in the bin.

I went and purchased my first French Press, or, as we say, a plunger.


To this day I love the coffee from a french press and the many ways you can enjoy it. Strong, weak, black, long, short. Endless pleasures.

My journey lead me to a "coffee roaster". Again it was in Darlinghurst and it was the Sydney institution known as Cafe Hernandez. Now that was a real BUZZ!

I began trying different roasts and different beans known as "single origin"

An opportunity came to open a small coffee outlet near Central Railway Station in Sydney. I began serving brewed coffee, and my supplier? Cafe Hernandez. I was having fun and even making a few dollars. 


Like many people before me love, marriage and children flowed into my life. My love of serving coffee fell away but my love of learning all things coffee never failed.

Around 2002 the business my wife and I were running was coming to the point we wanted to develop the idea of having a real Cafe, one where coffee was available in every way.

Now I needed to learn, understand and use an Espresso Machine! Here is our first one. A classic LSM purchased from a wonderful friend named Dom, He taught me so much. 


From here we needed coffee beans. Dom introduced to a contract roaster named Andrew. Andrew still roasts our BUZZ Coffee every week. 

With Andrew my knowledge again expanded and developed. We still drink coffee together. We still explore our range of single origin and coffee blends. We tinker, we play, we drink coffee. 

The result is still here. From 2003 when we opened our original Cafe BUZZ in Port Macquarie till the present, BUZZ Coffee continues to be an inspiration for my wife and I, our team and all the coffee lovers who have discovered BUZZ,

We are big enough to handle any coffee order and small enough to care.

My coffee story is simple and still evolving. 

Do you have a coffee story?? 

Feel free to share it to

I will print it for you.

Harry Brady