Coffee, the world's go to wake-up drink.

Coffee, the world's go to wake-up drink.

Fresh is Best.

Coffee has become the go to wake-up drink in many countries, and there are many reasons why. If you’re new to coffee, you might not know how many types of coffee there are and how to get the most out of each kind. 

Coffee beans should be fresh, not stale! Buying your fresh roasted coffee beans on-line at BUZZ Coffee means your coffee will be fresh. The problem with many supermarket coffees that are cheap is the freshness.  

The different types of Roasts.

There are many types of coffee available, but they generally fall into one of three categories: light roast, medium roast and dark roast. As a general rule, light roasts are less bitter, whereas dark roasts tend to be bolder and more acidic.

There’s no right or wrong choice when it comes to selecting your roast—just make sure you’re choosing something that you actually like! If you’re not sure where to start, your best bet is probably a medium roast.

 How to store your coffee after you receive it.

Store your fresh roasted BUZZ coffee in an airtight container in a cool, dry place. Your BUZZ Coffee will arrive in a craft bag with a zipper and one way valve to let the CO2 escape, or, your bag goes "boom". Not good. It is very safe to leave the coffee in this bag in the cupboard. 

Coffee brewing tips.

Whatever method you use to make your coffee, the essence is the freshness of the beans and the grind. A grinder is vital. However, we will grind your coffee for you when you purchase it.

If you are using a domestic coffee espresso coffee maker use the grinder built- in. Most do these days. If not then I strongly suggest you have a look at the market.

For all other styles of coffee making, a hand grinder is more than adequate. The Rhino Hand Grinder on the BUZZ Website is what I use at home as I enjoy "pour over" of filter coffee. 

To finish this quick lesson...

Sometimes the best method is to just get in and see how you go when making coffee. If you have any questions on any of this brief discussion please email me at