Smell the BUZZ Coffee

Smell the BUZZ Coffee

Coffee is the drink of choice for millions of people worldwide. The lucky ones are enjoying BUZZ Coffee. It is intoxicating, alluring, and, even, romantic!

People enjoy drinking coffee with friends at a local Café or in homes with many fancy coffee gadgets. Wherever you are, you can share the joy of freshly made coffee from our BUZZ Coffee Beans.

I enjoy the solitude of freshly made pour-over sitting at the table enjoying the daily paper. What about you? What is your first thought?

In my Café, I enjoy showing people how to use their noses to intoxicate the senses. When you first open the bag, put your nose in and let the aroma fill your head. Even open your mouth and breath in through your mouth. Your body is excited because it knows what is coming.

The grinder breaks down the beans for your required coffee maker from the bag to your grinder. The room comes to life with an aroma, coffee. Inhale!

After the water is ready and you add it to your coffee maker another intense smell hits you. By now you are very ready to drink the beverage. When it is ready and you pour it into your cup, let your nose go to the lip of the cup for one long last deep breath. Now drink it.

It is my time to just let the coffee seduce me. All your senses have been engaged.

Next time you have a coffee, get your nose involved!