Storage Tips for Coffee Beans

Storage Tips for Coffee Beans

Is there anything better than a cup of coffee made from fresh roasted coffee beans? All around the world it is the same, coffee time is a good time.

Coffee beans are grown, harvested, prepared and roasted for you. The flavour you love in your coffee is largely developed in the roasting stage. 

Once you have purchased your coffee beans, what is the best way to keep them fresh for your coffee drinks?

The first thing you need to know is that coffee beans need to be kept out of the light, away from a heat source, free of air and moisture. The coffee beans you purchase from BUZZ will arrive in bags that do all of this! Brilliant! 

Airtight and Cool

Seal the bag after you open it and keep it in the cupboard away from what we mentioned above. Remember, no light, heat, air or moisture.

The "Right" Amount.

The secret is to work out what you need each week or up to a month, and purchase accordingly. 


If you prefer to use your own container, ensure it is stainless steel, ceramic of tin. Glass exposes the coffee beans to light, so it is not a good option

Understanding how best to look after your fresh coffee beans will make sure your favourite beverage will always taste the best.

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