The Coffee and Regions of Ethiopia.

The Coffee and Regions of Ethiopia.

          The Coffee and Regions of Ethiopia.

Ethiopian Coffee, the words provoke a feeling of distance. A country far away in Africa. A country that is widely considered to be the birthplace of the Arabica Coffee Plant.

Ethiopia is in the Horn of Africa. A country that is split by the Great Rift Valley. A country dated back over 3 million years. Impressive!

Legends tell of the farmer who first found the coffee plant in a region called Kaffa. In 850AD (I am not sure, but…)

A general truth of Ethiopian Coffee Beans is that they are renowned by coffee lovers worldwide. When the roast is correct with absolute acidity, the beans take on the flavour profile of fine wine.  

The various regions of Ethiopia all have their own distinct profile.

Limu beans come from the southwest. They have big flavours of chocolate and caramel with a citrus snap. The aroma is of mixed berries, spice, and cocoa. The mouthfeel is balanced and is very distinctive. Limu farms are between 3,600 and 6,000 feet above sea level. The beans are medium in size with a roundish shape and greenish colour.

Yirgacheffe beans are grown high in the mountains in an area of the Sidamo region. The flavours are rich honey and lemon with a toffee and caramel finish. The aroma is sweet and fruity. The beans are smaller from the high altitudes they grow in.

Sidamo beans are qualified as Strictly High Grown (SHG)/ Strictly Hard Bean (SHB) The flavours are slightly citrusy that develop into full, floral tones with hints of nuts. A smooth, clean finish.

Harrar beans are from the Eastern Highlands. They are known for their winey and fruity flavour with floral-toned acidity. The beans are very bright in the cup. The aroma is pungent, heady and very reminiscent of blackberries.

Kaffa is the origin of the word “coffee”. It is the name of the south-west region in which coffee was first enjoyed, originally Abyssinia, now Ethiopia. It is a very smooth coffee with a roast that is medium to dark. The flavour has hints of lavender, citrus and black tea.

My best advice it try the Ethiopian Coffee regions. My personal preference is to enjoy them as a pour-over filter coffee. It seems to create a very distinct flavour for my enjoyment. I also have it sometimes as a milk coffee, double shot, please.

Here at BUZZ we always have Yirgacheffe and Limu available and sometimes Harrar.