What is this Compostable Bag my BUZZ arrives in??

What is this Compostable Bag my BUZZ arrives in??

You have probably noticed how your BUZZ Coffee or Tea arrives. These are compostable bags which you can even use again!

BUZZ has been around since 2003. We started with a Café, which we still run, and grew into a business that sells coffee online all over Australia.

With the online sales came the need for bags to mail out our orders. We use Australia Post, so we used their plastic bags purchased in bulk.

We try very hard in our business to treat our planet with respect.

But sometimes you just need a jolt…

I was online and ordered a couple of Australian-made t-shirts from the Organic T-shirt. Their tees are made with merino wool and made here! Brilliant. Check them out here.

My order arrived and the packaging was from Hero Packaging. I looked and realised the mailers were compostable. Another brilliant!

Off to their website I went to learn more. An Australian Couple owns the business, and they too were tired of using plastic bags to mail out orders.

I read this:

We have learnt that recycling as a solution to the plastic problem is not enough. 90-95% of plastics and food scraps end up in landfills, and in that environment, they turn into methane which is a deadly enemy of our Planet. They also excrete micro-plastics into the environment. So, we decided to specialise in mailers that were home compostable, but also made from such materials that if they ended up in landfill, they would still break down with no waste.

That looks like a business we at BUZZ want to support.

We are all in this together, we are. To look after our planet, we all need to look after our own backyard.

A big shout out to Hero Packaging. Thank You!