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BUZZ Strong Blend Coffee Beans

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Strong Blend Coffee Beans

Do you look for a big flavour in your coffee? Do you always ask for a "double shot" when you order coffee? Do you like to add a little "extra" coffee at home or work for that "kick"?

Our BUZZ STRONG BLEND is the blend for you.

It is not bitter, it is about FLAVOUR. The flavour you want to enjoy when you drink your coffee.

The Strong Blend was developed by BUZZ Coffee Beans  for people who want a consistent strong flavour in their cup. 

This blend of coffee beans from Costa Rica, New Guinea and Ethiopia is distinct. The aroma will entice you, the flavour will support your taste. 
A blend from three distinct and different regions of the world. All three have their own unique taste but when BUZZ married them together, the result is a big full "strong" flavour!

Our BUZZ Strong Blend loves to be an espresso and also enjoys the company of milk in a latte. We often drink it from our plunger, our coffee syphon and also from a Hario Pour Over.
BUZZ Coffee now sells its entire range of specialty blends and single origin coffee online. Buy some BUZZ Strong Blend coffee beans online today.