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Strong Blend Coffee Beans. If you like the best strong coffee beans, this blend is for you. A true speciality coffee bean blend. The Strong Blend was developed by BUZZ Coffee Beans  for people who want a consistent strong flavour in their cup.

What is one the most asked questions we receive ?? " Do you have strong coffee?" 

After several years of discussing the "flavour" of coffee, we thought we have to make this easier, and, quicker for coffee lovers.
Back to the roastery and discussions around which beans to mix together, you should have been there! We looked for our inspiration from Andrew, our roaster. Andrew has created many blends during his roasting career.
After numerous coffees a blend was born. We had a heady blend of Costa Rican, New Guinea and Ethiopian coffee beans. A blend from three distinct and different regions of the world. All three have their own unique taste but when Andrew married them together the result was a big full "strong" flavour!

This is not for the feint of heart!! A true rich taste from the Costa Rican, an earthy depth from the New Guinea and a big finish from the Ethiopian. A blend BUZZ is proud of and well loved. Try some today!
Our BUZZ Strong Blend loves to be an espresso and also enjoys the company of milk in a latte. We often drink it from our plunger, our coffee syphon and also from a Swiss filter. Each method allows you a coffee to enjoy.
BUZZ Coffee now sells its entire range of specialty blends and single origin coffee online. Buy some BUZZ Strong Blend coffee beans online today.