Ethiopian Coffee Beans - Limu
Ethiopian Coffee

Ethiopian Coffee Beans - Limu

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Ethiopian Coffee Beans

Ethiopian Limu coffee beans have big flavours of chocolate and caramel. The mouthfeel is balanced, and it is a very distinctive coffee.

It is one of our best sellers as it is consistently good every year. 

Ethiopian coffee beans are an incredible brand-new opportunity to expand your coffee tasting horizons. Many of you might not know that the original number one coffee plant of the Arabica variety came from Ethiopia! Just how crazy is that! 

The very birthplace of the alluring 100 percent arabica plant originated from the levels of Ethiopia hundreds and centuries earlier in a stoic, ancient tradition! 

Coffee is still an integral part of Ethiopia's agricultural exportation economic climate and its place in the better organization world of export. 

Legend has it that the plant was found hundreds of years back by a guard after observing the stimulating outcomes that it had upon his sheep. We do not know if this purported storey holds; however, we enjoy tales like these as viewers and coffee fans.

Ethiopian Limu Washed Grade 2 | Kencaf Importing & Distributing Inc.

The Region

In Ethiopia, we can find all essential elements for growing coffee beans: favourable altitudes, ample rainfall, a suitable temperature, and fertile soil. These ideal conditions enable coffee to grow throughout the country.

About 400,000 hectares of land in the regions west, south, and east of Addis Ababa are planted with Arabica coffee only, at elevations above 3,600 feet. About 80 per cent of Ethiopia's exports are natural (sun-dried) arabica coffees; the remainder is washed.

The coffees in Ethiopia are all named after the geographic location where they grow, hence Limu. Limu coffee farms are in the southwest of Ethiopia between 3,600 and 6,200 feet.


Ethiopian Limu Washed Coffee Beans are one of the premium gourmet coffees worldwide. Remarkably like Sidamo and Yirgacheffe - as one would expect since they are right next to each other geographically.

Limu coffee is different from its next-door neighbours (Sidamo, Yirg) because of a slightly more citric snap. The bean is medium in size, has a distinctive rounded shape and greenish colour.


  • AcidityLow but sharp.
  • BodyWell balanced.
  • AromaMixed berries, spice, cocoa.
  • FlavourChocolate, spicey, pleasantly sweet with floral overtones.