Honduras Coffee Beans
Honduras Coffee Beans

Honduras Coffee Beans

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Honduras Marcala SHG Coffee Beans

Honduras has been the standout celebrity of the coffee universe over the last years, shifting from a track record as a mass industrial vendor right into a giant of high-grade specialty.

Today, Honduras is the go-to beginning for many coffee roasters looking for exceptional high quality and uniformity.

Honduran coffee beans are incredibly under-rated in our point of view. You only need to check out the recent victors of World Barista comps to see that quality is a straightforward technique of Honduran farmers to boost their position and efficiency in the worldwide coffee market.

BUZZ believes they punch well over their weight and have something that Central's do not constantly have - superb balance.

A Honduran Coffee for lovers of sophisticated, fragrant flavours, with a medium to light body, yet refreshing and vibrant taste. 

The balance of flavour in the cup is world-class. A big hit of chocolate, malt, toffee, caramel and vanilla will put that big coffee smile on your face.

Our BUZZ Honduras Marcala SHG Coffee Beans are 100% SHG Arabica Estate Coffee. SHG means Strictly High Grown, a highly sought-after characteristic in coffee. As with a good wine, the best beans come from a high altitude as they mature slower and more thoroughly than the lower altitude varieties.


The Region

The Barrios family has been growing and trading coffee for over 140 years. The 100% SHG Arabica beans are imported directly from the family's plantation in Marcala, Honduras and roasted by Andrew.

Creating high-quality coffee is an intricate process. It begins with the careful preparation of the soil at the plantation and ends as a cup is served. Before the seed is planted, environmental factors such as altitude and climate infuse the seeds with their unique flavour.

Like the grapes used for a vintage wine, coffee beans are fragile and must be carefully monitored to maintain quality control.

The advantages of a single origin/single estate coffee are considerable; consistency and quality are guaranteed at every step throughout the production process as each bean is closely monitored.

A single origin at its best, this coffee is grown at a high altitude, surrounded by banana and citrus trees, and carefully washed in spring water. It is then dried on patios and turned over several times every day; each bean is hand-selected for its quality.

From the day BUZZ opened, we have sold the coffee beans from this farm. 

  • AcidityLow to Medium.
  • BodyFull & Rich.
  • AromaNut, vanilla, baker's cocoa
  • FlavourDark chocolate, malt, toffee, caramel and vanilla with a nice length.