Papua New Guinean Coffee Beans
New Guinea Coffee Beans

Papua New Guinean Coffee Beans

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Papua New Guinea Kimel A Estate Coffee Beans

 This BUZZ PNG Kimel Estate coffee is a big cup full of flavour.

Here is a plantation that produces PNG’s most refined coffee bean. It neither looks for nor needs somebody else’s accreditation and labels.

The people simply want us to enjoy their fine coffee product and afford them a future, where that future is the outcome of their own labours.

From the espresso machine, it has very distinct and robust flavours of chocolate and spice. It will fill your mouth with its delicious attributes and leave a long, long flavour in its after-taste.

As a pour-over, the delicate nature of the coffee will surprise you.

It is highly recommended.



The Region

Kimel Estate is 100% tribal, clan and village-owned and 100% of all profits are returned to the traditional landowners. It provides permanent employment for them and their families. It houses the vegetable patch for the majority of the 500 permanent workers.

Further, there is a high percentage of shade and bird-friendly trees across the plantation. The water comes fresh and unpolluted, straight off the surrounding mountains.

Pulping wastes are reused as fertiliser. Natural sunshine is the primary source of drying production.

Papua New Guinea has two main coffee production zones, both in highland areas. 

The main areas though are Mt Hagen in the Western Highlands and Goroka in the Eastern Highlands. Both present different cup characteristics.

The Kimel plantation was first established in 1974 by an Australian named Bobby Gibbs. Now it is wholly owned by the traditional landowners, the Opai. They are the prominent tribe in this area.

The estate is in the Western Highlands in the Wahgi Valley approximately 50 Km south of Mount Hagen, near a small town called Banz.


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  • Acidity: Medium with citrus.
  • Body:   Rich and syrupy.
  • Aroma: Nuts, spices, cocoa.
  • Flavour: Intense candy sweetness, Swiss chocolate, hint of spice with a long                       sweet finish.