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Premium Blend

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  • Acidity:Medium.
  • Body:Rich and smooth.
  • Aroma:Nuts, cocoa & stone fruit.
  • Flavour:Sweet hazelnut, honey, toffee with a delightfully creamy finish.

Premium Blend The idea to create a Premium Blend of BUZZ Coffee came about one day at the roastery. We were sitting around with some very high quality beans and started making up some blends to try. As we played we evolved what has today become this coffee, our BUZZ Premium Blend.

The final blend came from our ARABICA coffee beans from Brazil and Ethiopia.

The Brazil is very sweet and thick through the mid-tones, with a hint of roasted ground nut and a toffee finish. The Ethiopian is offering a softly fragrant aroma, these coffee beans have a subtle floral scent and a satisfyingly intensified finish . Mixed together they are sublime and will make any coffee lover happy.

We ensure these are high standard beans of similar size and virtually no defects.  
This blend loves milk. It is also delicious from a plunger, try some and see.

BUZZ Coffee now sells its entire range of speciality blends and single origin coffee online. Buy some BUZZ Premium Blend coffee beans online today.