BUZZ House Blend Coffee Beans

BUZZ House Blend Coffee Beans

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The best Coffee Beans., blended!  Coffee bean blends provide a consistent flavour, even from year to year. Speciality coffee roasters like BUZZ create their signature, in our case, the classic "House Blend".

Our renown House Blend Coffee Beans has been served  in cafes and homes all over Australia since 2003.

Our secret blend of deliciousness built on a base of Colombian Excelsio.

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Highly regarded as perfection in a cup!

Works with milk but will happily surprise you when served black.

Delicious to the last drop!

Grab a bag today, all our buzz coffee single origins, blends and loose leaf teas are available online.


  • Acidity:Low to Medium.
  • Body:Rich &smooth, creamy.
  • Aroma:Nuts, cocoa and more nuts
  • Flavour:Sweet hazelnut, vanilla pods, honey, toffee with a delightfully creamy finish.